Oblivion - Fusion film festival 2019 - Best Animation Short of 2019

Floating Village - Microsoft FuseLabs Design Awards

RedBurn Scholarship 2017/2018/2019

Fellowship and Program:

Art-A-Hack2018 - Team Sentimental Feeling

Ivy Danxiaomeng Huang

Ivy Huang is a New York based creative technologist and interactive designer. She uses varieties of visual, sounds and interactivity to explore the relationship of tech and art, the collision of ancient culture and modern technologies. Ivy think technology shouldn’t be limited to mechanism robot or lines of code, finding the inner artistry of technology is a pleasant discovery.

Her works including interactive installations, digital sketches, wearable and audio visual works.

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Show and Exhibition:

Co-Producer of ITP Springshow 2019

ITP Wintershow 2017 - Love Testing

ITP Springshow 2018 - BrainWave

ITP Wintershow 2018 - Live Pose Music

World On a Wire VR Show - Immersive VR Game Reborn

NYCMediaLab 2017(Fake News Horror Show) - Unreadable News

NYCMediaLab 2018 Annual Summit - Unreadable News

BigScreens 2018 - Oblivion