VR-Aomori Hospital

My very first VR creation! Inspired by the famous mental hospital in Japan names Aomori. My Aomori hospital is a interactive VR game which will give users a immersive experience in a dilapidated mental hospital. Here's a short Video about it! Take a look! 


Storytelling, immersive,experience and user experience




  • There are many securities in different places in the hospital. 
  • Only a few them can make movements (TargetSecurity), users won’t know which one will be the one make movement. 
  • when users trigger the box trigger in front of the TargetSecurity, the targetSecurity will follow users and users need to run away from them.


Key Assets Design1

I have designed a cube in front of the view point which will be the right hand of users, it is the weapon for users and users can wave it to trig the trigger box. 


KeAssets Design2

I have designed a table, with full of medicine bottles. 

In case users will be really afraid to walk close to securities, These bottles can be grab and throw to the securities. 

Future Work: 

By the end of the semester, I will have a complete Aomori Hospital game. 

  • There will be over 20 securities in different corner at hospital, and each of them will have a treasure box. 
  • Users need to find the only box with a key to get out of the hospital. And they need to get closer to securities to open the box.
  • Securities will follow users in certain area and users need to run away fast to avoid get caught by securities.