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Unreadable News

Collaborated with Chengchao Zhu

Unreadable News is a Interactive art installation with a exclusive reading environment of four of the most controversial News from past 20 years.

Our Concept

Unreadable news is a project which try to digging a hole about media news. Fake news manipulating people in a invisible way. Where do people receive news? and how does people distinguish if the news they receive is true or fake? what makes a news reliable? What makes people believe in what they saw is something really happened around them?

About the News on our Newspaper

We have selected four of the most controversial news in past 20 years reflecting different social problems

  1. Brock Turning and Brian Banks Rape Case.

    For this news, Readers will only allow to read the text we highlighted. And the rest of the text will be blurred completely. In this case, readers will receive very possible message about Brock Turning : “Stanford Student” “white kid” “Olympic Potential” “Straight A” . But on Brian Banks part, they will see “Ruined her Life” “Drag like a monster” “She was so scared” All these biased highlights will let readers has a prejudgement about these two people.

  2. Monica Lewinsky and Clinton scandal.

    Isn’t it Clinton’s problem? How can president make mistake? It must be Lewinsky! Look at Hillary’s crying face! She has ruined a family!

  3. O.J Simpson Case.

    Will you keep reading the news if your see his devil picture on Time magazine? He is a devil isn’t it?

  4. Basra Palestine war Photoshop Case.

    Photoshop a picture and change the whole situation and making people angry. Isn’t it a very easy step to do!

Technology of Unreadable News

1. Facial and Pupil Tracking through Kinect.

We utilized facial and Pupil Tracking through Kinect to tracking reader’s face direction and pupil activity. Based on calculating the location of where the readers looking at, we newspapers will receiving the request and make special effect on each news.

2. Projection Mapping.

We used projection mapping tech through Isadora for creating our newspaper.

3. Immersive Environment Creating.

Reading Lamp, Newspaper Rack, Dark room. All these factors created a immersive experience for our readers to read our newspaper well.

Exhibition and Show

  • NYC Media Lab 2017 : Horror News Fake Show

  • NYC Media Lab 2018 : Parsons School of Art Show

  • ITP Spring Show 2018 : New York University, Tisch School of Art.

Readers reading our News Paper at NYC Media Lab 2017 .


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