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Design Progress

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The Problem


The design of SweetHeart is inspired by one of my late night Uber Pool experience. The co-rider of my Uber Pool was high on drugs and threaten the driver to drive faster, with a gun. Luckily I got off the Uber and called 911 immediately afterwards.


In a threatening and dangerous situations, how to let people send help signal out with their phone in a quick, safe, and unnoticeable way ?


User Interview

Survey and Interview:

I sent out a survey with the following questions and get respond from 21 potential target users.

  • 17 out of 21 are female and the rest are male.

  • 15 of them are students of NYU Brooklyn campus, 6 of them has a full time job in Manhattan

  • 19 of them live in Brooklyn ( Downtown Brooklyn, DOMBO, and Bushwick), the rest live in Manhattan ( East Village and Greenwich Village)


Key Findings:

  1. Only 30% of them carry self-defense equipment like pepper spray. 100% of them are female.

  2. 7 people got violent attack in Brooklyn during night time. 3 people experienced robbery.

  3. 100% of them think they will call 911 afterwards instead of during the attack/ threaten.

  4. 65% of students has night class and the average time of getting home is around 10:15pm.

  5. 100% of females worry about their safety during the night.

  6. The top 3 scenarios with the highest dangerous rating are : Uber rides,late night walk on streets, strangers encounter.



Our Potential Target User:

  • Male and female who lives alone

  • People who get home very late at night ( Eg: College students, night shift doctor, bartender…)

  • people don’t own personal vehicle and rely on public transportation.

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Potential Scenarios:

  • Late night subway and Uber(Pool)

  • Walk on the street at night.

  • At somewhere unfamiliar

  • At the area with high criminal rates.

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Competitive Analysis


Key Findings:

  • Most of the App can’t send any alert or signal out without open the App, but it is impossible and even more dangerous for people to take phone out and open the App when facing attack or threaten.

  • The existing App doesn’t have online community or forum. The paired user can ask other local App users for help if there is a forum.

  • Unpractical function - 911 button in the App.

    Open the App to call 911 is a redundant process. Most of the smart phone can call 911 without unlock the phone



After conducting different methodology research, I believe a mobile app that has functions including Unique Personal Security Code, GPS Tracking, Off-line Alert Trigger and Online Forum, will help people who facing dangerous and threatening situation send help signal out safe, fast and unnoticeable.

It will send SOS message immediately to victim’s families and friends, help them ask for external help easily and quickly.


Prototype 1.0 - Quick Sketch



User Flow 1.0






User Testing