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About ITP Spring show

The Spring Show of ITP will feature projects from our Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) graduate students There are over hundreds of art-tech projects at the Spring Show. The Spring Show 2019 will be the last Show of ITP and Manhattan. As a Co-producer of the Spring Show, our team made new layout and arrangement of the show, and I have also redesigned the project Poster and map for the show.

My role: Co-Producer/ Curator of the Show. User Experience Designer/Researcher


Design Target - Project Poster/ Flyer, Show Map and Project Arrangement

  • Project poster and show map redesign

  • Project Arrangement - For the first time, we set up the unique performance room for all the performers.


Redesign the Request API - Key Issue

  • Drop down menu : The system contain over 100 different schools’s API data for requesting

  • Confusing Information: Domain and Subdomain is way too confusing for users to select.

  • Demarcation: The demarcation of the requesting process is either repetitive/ lack.


Process Workflow

This is the complete process cycle of requesting API from user to data owner’s approval/decline respond, and finally approve my MuleSoft.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 18.22.07.png

User Journey

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 19.28.11.png

Early Stage Draft and Design


Outcome of the Request API