a Hole


A Illusion hole on the wall

Collaboration with Barak Chamo, Yifan Liu and Yang Yang

A project plays with optical illusion.

A purely 2D image rendering into 3D environment which creating a visually illusion. The project is permanent exhibiting at the staircase of Tisch building on broadway, NY. 

The project is simply building with Photoshop, with the gradual color and shadow changing, which creating a depth illusion on a completely flat wall. A intentionally design of a hanging 20 dollar bill at the left corner. When walking upstairs from the staircase, people will deceived by the hole and can't help to take the dollar bill. We have changing the left corner piece three times because of the missed dollar bill. 

Check it out when you are around lower Manhattan. 

Address: 721 Broadway, New York. NY 10001.