Love Testing

Friends trying our LoveTesting.

Friends trying our LoveTesting.


We believe love is not determined or limited by age, race, gender or sexual preference. Every single person deserve love. Love is very abstract, and our love testing has transferred this abstract feeling into visualization art.

Our project is based on P5Js Sketch and Arduino Sensors cooperated together. We have use heart sensor and humidity sensor to testing participants' heart rate from finger tip and humidify level of palm. 

The sketch will responding based on the data collected from sensors and giving certain results projected on the board between two participants. 


In love: Red heart show up.

Friendship: Pinkish heart show up.

No feeling: Peaceful Blue heart show up.



Based on our user research, users prefer to know the results privately in order to avoid unnecessary awkwardness. The instruction of the whole experience will be played in the headphone that only participant can hear. The meaning of the different results can only be known by participant. The rest of audience can fully enjoyed the animation changing. 


Love Testing is Collaborative project with Ella Ying-Tung Chung and Eva Yipeng Chen

ITP WinterShOW 2017


Love Testing is honored chosen as a showcase of ITP  Wintershow 2017. Check our video on Youtube!