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Imbalance of Human brain 

Excitation and Inhibition 


Collaborate with Ridwan Mandon and Joohyun Park. 

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Field Researcher: Aaron Clinton Katzman, Ph.D candidate Neural Science, Center for Neural Science, NYU

Field Supervisor:  Cristina M Alberni, Ph.D LP Neural Science, Professor of Neural Science, NYU

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Technologies Use:  Projection Mapping, Kinect Tracking, Processing coding 

Our team have created a interactive game for users to find the balance of human brain from a imbalance situation. Based on the position of user standing, Kinect will tracking their position and the visual will changing on the laser cut brain. 

This is either a single / multi-user game, which allow users to collaborate with each other to find the balance situation of human brain. 

Imbalance of Human Brain - Excitation and Inhibition is a very profound scientific knowledge. We have transferred this complicated scientific research topic into a fun interactive game, which can be easier understand by audiences with no bio background or knowledge, who interested in neural science can all come have a try! 


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