Disney Imagineering Challenge 2019

 Sprite of the North

Logo Design  We experiment and sketched the font ourselves, we finally choose to do the logo with Aurora color theme and also with waving edge like Northern Lights.

Logo Design

We experiment and sketched the font ourselves, we finally choose to do the logo with Aurora color theme and also with waving edge like Northern Lights.

The project is collaborate with Barak Hemou, Chengtao Yi and Yifan Liu.


Spirit of the North is a design Challenge project for Disney imagineering 2019. We have created a immersive experience for Disney with the spirit of the Northern lights.


Technologies of the project:

Cinema 4D, Maya, Max, Fusion 360, ProCreate, Keyshot


Story Behind the Design

The Northern Lights are one of the most breathtaking natural phenomenons on the face of the earth, a spectacular light show orchestrated by the celestial bodies. Our team, inspired by the brilliant beauty of the Aurora Borealis, though we have not yet been fortunate enough to witness it ourselves, chose it as the natural, wonder upon which to build our experience.

Viking, a mysterious and ancient nation which is beloved for its storybook charm. Our team is bringing their hardy sprits to Disney and bringing our guest the most breathtaking and unique experience - finding Aurora through their Sprite animal. The animal will lead the warriors to the origin of the Aurora.Northern mythologies imbued the Aurora with a plethora of poetic spiritual explanations and metaphors with which to comprehend the glow of the heavens. A particular one that captured our imaginations explains the aurora as the visits from animal gods that come from far beyond the dark horizon, visiting the humanrealm. We designed a shared group experience that places the viewer on a river boat in the far north, just as the animal auroras come to visit.

As groups begin their journey, far lights begin to glow beyond the mountain peaks that line the river path. As the boat slowly tug along the path, the light intensify, and reveal the animal depicted in each path of the experience, and will lead the group to their destination - Northern Lights. Each group receives a personal visit from a different celestial animal.As the rivers come together in a shared sea facing the ridge, all the animals gather in a brilliant display of the Aurora Borealis, recreating the natural wonder of the Northern Lights.


User/Guest Experience Design

Spirits Gates - There will be five different gates represent Five different kind of Animals - Deer, Polar Bear, Snow Wolf, Whale and Dragon. A group of warriors can choose their own gate and the animal behind the gate will be their spirit animal!

Warriors Tunnel - After warriors pass the gate, their Viking canoe will be there waiting for them. Each tunnel will be a very personal experience and slightly different with each other, the canoe will follow the animals and leading warriors to their destination, There will be projection mapping animals around the canoe and we will also projection mapping on the water, small fishes will swim around them. when warriors touch the the water, fishes will swim away. Aurora will be occasionally show up and hinting the warriors that they are getting closer and closer. The season will also changing in the tunnel, It is a fully immersive environment and interactive as well. The decoration of the tunnel will be like ancient Viking.

Origin of Northern Lights- After the adventure in the tunnel, warriors will reach the final stage - the origin of the Northern lights. The stage will be a giant dome and all the warriors from five different groups will all meet here. There will be fully projection mapping of Northern lights on the dome. And the water will reflect the lights as well. All the spirit animals will be gathering here and celebrate the courage and successful of warrior

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 19.55.05.png

Master Plan

Here is the MasterPlan of Sprits of the North. Warriors will entry from the warrior gate of the warrior room, and through each tunnel, warriors will reaching the origin of the Northern Light(Projection on dome over


After warriors finish their adventure, they will exit the dome and the canoe(boat) will return back from the watercourse.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 20.04.56.png

Warriors Tunnel 1

The Northern Light is behind the Mountain! Start your Warrior Journey From here!

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 19.55.14.png

Warriors Tunnel 2

Inside of the Warrior Tunnel. See the door in front of you? Go warriors! The first person view Inside of the tunnel. The tube will turning around while the canoe moving.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 19.55.20.png

Origin of the Aurora

Origin of the Aurora warriors finally reached the origin of the aurora leaded by their spirit deer.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 19.55.14.png

Warrior’s Tunnel

The Northern Light is behind the mountain! Start your Warrior Journey from here!

3D Modeling

Canoe design for the warriors